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Avtron Power Solutions manufacture and distribute market leading load bank solutions for mission critical applications. We have the largest portfolio in the industry and can meet the highest load testing standards with our intelligent SIGMA load bank control system.

Load banks are essential components of any backup infrastructure. Applying load to simulate stresses on emergency power systems provides piece of mind that if the grid fails, the power will stay on.

Most generators rarely get up to full load in everyday use and unburnt fuel and residue effects performance. By using a load bank, one can burn off unburnt fuel and boost the performance of a generator and reduce the negative effects of a light load.

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Resistive Load Banks

Securely verify the performance of power sources. Resistive load banks from Avtron test ac loads at unity power factor to verify output or apply required load to diesel generators. Avtron offers best-in-class solutions in a range of portable, movable, and permanent designs for indoor or outdoor use. Their industry-leading SIGMA controls make operating and networking multiple loads easy while automatically logging and reporting test results. View our full portfolio below.

Radiator Mounted Load Banks

Avtron offers radiator-mount load banks with small footprints for resistive loads. They are a flexible and economical way to incorporate testing equipment without sacrificing essential features. These UL-Listed devices can be installed inside, outside, atop, or the exhaust ductwork of a gen-set. Avtron radiator-mounted load banks offer lower back pressure to prevent wet-stacking in diesel engines to prolong operating life. Make way for efficiency today.

Trailer Mounted Load Banks

Avtron offers trailer-ready load banks. These units offer high capacity and compact design to users that must test systems at multiple locations. Their compact design enables passage through tunnels, garages, and other structures with low overhead clearance. With market-leading SIGMA controls, they enable facilities to network multiple load banks, automatically execute tests, capture data, and generate reports. 

Container Load Banks

Containerized load banks can withstand the rigors of both shipping and weather. The models below offer heavy-duty ISO-type construction in lengths from 10 to 30 feet. Their enclosures protect load bank components from dirt, water, and temperature changes. Containerized load banks are suited for marine power testing, load bank rental service, and power testing service providers. As with other Avtron load banks, SIGMA controls automate load testing, data capture, and compliance reporting. Invest in Avtron’s most rugged testing devices today.

Medium Voltage Load Banks

For mission-critical facilities, it is crucial to verify that power systems are in optimum working condition. Avtron offers feature-rich medium voltage load banks that streamline transport, installation, and maintenance with models from 500 to 7500 kW. The market-leading units provide step-down transformers or with true direct-connect options that reduce the need for multiple load banks and associated cabling. They can be controlled by Avtron’s best-in-class SIGMA control system. Find the best load bank for your facility below.


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