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Torquing, Tensioning Subcontracting

AL Yasat accepts contracting works for bolting services which is safe, fast, accurate, and reliable way to ensure joint integrity.

We provide controlled loosening and tightening bolts by means of torquing and tensioning from small jobs to large turnarounds. Our trained and experienced technicians apply proven techniques to disassemble, assemble and pre-load verification of bolted joints. Focus is on critical elements of overall joint integrity, including flange surface quality, joint alignment, gasket selection, bolt preparation and uniform bolt loading using the most appropriate torquing and tensioning methods.

Flushing Services

Al Yasat undertakes Pipeline Flushing Services which ensures high quality flushing services for the pipelines. It can be either Chemical Flushing or Oil Flushing. The application of modern technology and high quality equipment guarantees best results at affordable rates.

If you require further information please contact us.
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